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Czyżby wreszcie "Kamaal the Abstract" ujrzał światło dzienne?

Dziś na jednym z blogów znalazłem tę oto informację. Jak się przekonacie jest to bardzo pozytywna notka dotycząca zamiarów wytwórni Battery Records, która ma zamiar wydać dawno oczekiwaną płytę Q-Tipa "Kamaal the Abstract".

W informacji czytamy:

Innovative recording cements Tip’s rep as greatest MC/producer of all time

Jak dla mnie nie ma tu czego cementować. Q-Tip po prostu jest geniuszem i tyle!

Dobra dość zanudzania - do konkretów:

In these hard times, we can all stand a ray of hope. Hope in hip-hop now comes from the legendary Q-Tip, he of A Tribe Called Quest fame. His long-delayed album Kamaal the Abstract, slated originally for release in 2001, is finally dropping September 15th on Battery Records.

A to słowa, które idealnie oddadzą klimat tego krążka.

A musical hybrid, Kamaal was commendably avant-garde at the time of its creation. Amazingly, it’s even more apropos in 2009; given the dearth of musical merit and capable MCs in today’s hip-hop, the time is ever-so-right for Tip.

Kamaal the Abstract is an intensely idiosyncratic and revealing record. To that end, Q-Tip produced the entire album himself, even playing several instruments. What comes from Kamaal is a daring mélange of soul, supa-cool jazz, headnodding hip-hop, and organic pop magic in the vein of Stevie Wonder or Prince. Check for the superlative figures of saxophonist Kenny Garrett, a one-time member of Miles Davis’ ensemble, on the breathy “Abstractionisms.” Or the fluid flute lines of Gary Thomas, another Davis sideman, on “Do U Dig U.” Elsewhere, note Tip’s ambitious production, arrangements, and even sung stylings.

But make no mistake: Kamaal the Abstract still boasts all the earmarks of Q-Tip’s inimitable mic control. Listen to him blaze through a spiced narrative on “Even If It Is So.” Or paint vivid images on “Blue Girl.” The album has been re-mixed and re-mastered for sonic impact, though it retains the original album artwork. Neil Levine SVP/GM of Battery Records is proud to release this buried treasure from Q-Tip: “Kamaal the Abstract/Q-Tip is a true visionary and ahead of his time. These songs sound more contemporary now than when they were first recorded”. Kamaal the Abstract drops September 15th. Better late than never.

No właśnie - lepiej późno, niż wcale!
Czekam z niecierpliwością!

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